Commit 06778c3a authored by Robin Mueller's avatar Robin Mueller
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added first helper functions

parent ae9936d7
import enum
import struct
from tmtc_core.pus_tc.tmtcc_pus_tc_base import PusTelecommand
class Subservice(enum.Enum):
......@@ -31,3 +33,11 @@ def make_sid(object_id: bytearray, set_id: int) -> bytearray:
def make_interval(interval_seconds: float) -> bytearray:
return bytearray(struct.pack("!f", interval_seconds))
def generate_one_hk_command(sid: bytearray, ssc: int):
return PusTelecommand(service=3, subservice=27, ssc=ssc, app_data=sid)
def generate_one_diag_command(sid: bytearray, ssc: int):
return PusTelecommand(service=3, subservice=28, ssc=ssc, app_data=sid)
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