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Add note on execution without graphics

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......@@ -54,3 +54,17 @@ This opens a Unix domain socket at `/tmp/qemu`.
Commands can be automatically sent to this socket, e.g. from the simulation and testing framework.
Specifying the `-S` option causes QEMU to initially pause the emulation, otherwise it would start immediately.
Once the simulation framework is fully connected, it can then send a QMP `cont` command to continue emulation.
### Running without Graphics
By default, QEMU tries to launch a window which requires some graphics system (X11/Wayland) to be present.
If this is not available, e.g. in a virtual machine or container, one can add the
-serial stdio -monitor none
The first option redirects the output of the emulated OBSW/the At91 to the standard I/O stream.
The second option disables the monitor interface, which can be used to pause or exit the emulator or control it in any other way.
For automated testing, this level of control is usually not required, and if so it is available via QMP.
If the monitor interface is needed nontheless (e.g. in an interactive session), one could open a telnet server, e.g. via `-monitor telnet:,server` and then connect to it via `telnet 55555`.
Please refer to the [QEMU documentation](https://qemu.weilnetz.de/doc/qemu-doc.html) for more details.
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