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refactored returnvalue parser

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import re
from typing import List
import sys
from typing import List, Tuple
from modgen.parserbase.parser import FileParser
from modgen.utility.printer import PrettyPrinter
......@@ -18,10 +19,13 @@ DEFAULT_MOVING_WINDOWS_SIZE = 7
class InterfaceParser(FileParser):
def __init__(self, file_list, print_table):
def __init__(self, file_list: list, print_table: bool = False):
self.count = 0
self.print_table = print_table
self.file_table_list = []
self.file_name_table = []
self.start_name_list = []
self.end_name_list = []
def _handle_file_parsing_moving_window(self, file_name: str, current_line: int,
moving_window_size: int, moving_window: list, *args,
......@@ -29,46 +33,93 @@ class InterfaceParser(FileParser):
def _handle_file_parsing(self, file_name: str, *args, **kwargs):
file = open(file_name, 'r', encoding='utf-8')
all_lines = file.readlines()
except UnicodeDecodeError:
file = open(file_name, 'r', encoding='cp1252')
all_lines = file.readlines()
if "FwClassIds.h" in file_name:
count_matched = False
# Parses first entry, which has explicit value 1
for line in all_lines:
if not count_matched:
match = re.search(r'[\s]*([A-Z_0-9]*) = ([0-9]*),[\s]*//([A-Z]{1,3})', line)
match = re.search(r'[\s]*([A-Z_0-9]*),[\s]*//([A-Z]{1,3})', line)
if match and not count_matched:
self.count = int(match.group(2))
self.mib_table.update({match.group(1): [1, match.group(3)]})
self.count += 1
count_matched = True
elif match:
self.mib_table.update({match.group(1): [self.count, match.group(2)]})
self.count += 1
elif "classIds.h" in file_name:
file = open(file_name, "r")
all_lines = file.readlines()
for line in all_lines:
match = re.search(r'[\s]*([\w]*) = FW_CLASS_ID_COUNT,[\s]*(//([A-Z]{1,3}))?', line)
self.__handle_regular_class_id_parsing(file_name=file_name, all_lines=all_lines)
def __handle_regular_class_id_parsing(self, file_name: str, all_lines: List[str]):
count = 0
current_file_table = dict()
start_matched = False
start_name = ""
target_end_name = ""
for line in all_lines:
if not start_matched:
match = re.search(r'[\s]*([\w]*) = [\s]*([\w]*)', line)
if match:
self.mib_table.update({match.group(1): [self.count, match.group(2)]})
self.count += 1
for line in all_lines:
match = re.search(r'^[\s]*([\w]*)[,]*[\s]*//[!<]*[\s]*([^\n]*)', line)
# current_file_table.update({count: [match.group(1), match.group(2)]})
start_name = match.group(1)
target_end_name = match.group(2)
start_matched = True
match = re.search(r'[\s]*([A-Z_0-9]*),?[\s]*//([^\n]*)?', line)
if match:
self.mib_table.update({match.group(1): [self.count, match.group(2)]})
self.count += 1
count += 1
if re.search(r"\[EXPORT\][\s]*:[\s]*\[END\]", match.group(2)):
last_entry_name = match.group(1)
self.end_name_list.append([last_entry_name, None])
current_file_table.update({count: [match.group(1), match.group(2)]})
if not start_matched:
print("No start match detected when parsing interface files..")
self.start_name_list.append([start_name, target_end_name, None, count])
def _post_parsing_operation(self):
self.start_name_list, self.end_name_list = self.__assign_start_end_indexes(
self.start_name_list, self.end_name_list
for idx, file_table in enumerate(self.file_table_list):
self.__build_mod_interface_table(self.start_name_list[idx][2], file_table)
if self.print_table:
def __assign_start_end_indexes(start_name_list_list, end_name_list_list) -> Tuple[List, List]:
start_list_list_completed = start_name_list_list
end_list_list_completed = end_name_list_list
all_indexes_filled = False
max_outer_iterations = 15
current_iteration = 0
while not all_indexes_filled:
for idx, start_name_list in enumerate(start_list_list_completed):
if start_name_list[1].isdigit():
start_list_list_completed[idx][2] = int(start_name_list[1])
end_list_list_completed[idx][1] = \
start_list_list_completed[idx][2] + start_list_list_completed[idx][3]
target_end_name = start_name_list[1]
for end_name_list in end_list_list_completed:
end_name = end_name_list[0]
end_value = end_name_list[1]
if end_name == target_end_name and end_value is not None:
start_list_list_completed[idx][2] = end_value
end_list_list_completed[idx][1] = end_value + start_list_list_completed[idx][3]
all_indexes_filled = True
for idx, start_name_list in enumerate(start_list_list_completed):
if start_name_list[2] is None or end_name_list_list[idx][1] is None:
all_indexes_filled = False
current_iteration += 1
if current_iteration >= max_outer_iterations:
print("Could not fill out start and end index list in given number of maximum outer iterations!")
return start_list_list_completed, end_list_list_completed
def __build_mod_interface_table(self, count_start: int, interface_dict: dict):
dict_to_build = dict()
for local_count, interface_name_and_shortname in interface_dict.items():
{interface_name_and_shortname[0]: [local_count + count_start, interface_name_and_shortname[1]]}
class ReturnValueParser(FileParser):
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