Unverified Commit 6ed4d76e authored by Robin Mueller's avatar Robin Mueller
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tiny form tweak

parent 700ec479
......@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ def write_translation_file(filename, list_of_entries, date_string_full: str):
function += '\tdefault:\n\t\treturn "UNKNOWN_OBJECT";\n'
outputfile.write(f"/** \n * @brief\tAuto-generated object translation file.\n"
f" * @details\n"
f" * Contains {len(list_of_entries)} translations. \n"
f" * Generated on: {date_string_full}\n */ \n")
f" * Contains {len(list_of_entries)} translations.\n"
f" * Generated on: {date_string_full}\n */\n")
outputfile.write("#include \"translateObjects.h\"\n\n")
outputfile.write(definitions + "\n" + function + "\t}\n\treturn 0;\n}\n")
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