Commit 3259a6ec authored by Robin Mueller's avatar Robin Mueller
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these variants need to be checked

parent 30e142b3
......@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ class EventParser(FileParser):
# print( "Current ID: " + str(currentId) )
self.my_id = self.return_number_from_string(self.current_id)
# Now try to look for event definitions. Moving windows allows multi line event definitions
# These two variants need to be checked
# static const(?:expr)? Event[\s]*([A-Z_0-9]*)[\s]*=[\s]*event::makeEvent
# static const(?:expr)? Event[\s]*([A-Z_0-9]*)[\s]*=[\s]*MAKE_EVENT
def _post_parsing_operation(self):
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