Commit 2e010cb1 authored by Robin Mueller's avatar Robin Mueller
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internal changes

parent 28ca34f9
import re
from generatore_core.parserbase.mib_parser import FileParser
from generatore_core.utility.mib_printer import PrettyPrinter
from genmib.parserbase.mib_parser import FileParser
from genmib.utility.mib_printer import PrettyPrinter
# Intermediate solution
......@@ -106,8 +106,6 @@ class ReturnValueParser(FileParser):
def _handle_file_parsing_moving_window(self, file_name: str, current_line: int,
moving_window_size: int, moving_window: list, *args,
if "RingBufferAnalyzer" in file_name:
# print(file_name)
# Generic regex to match full returnvalue expression up until semicolon
# returnvalue_match =
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